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design01: a closer look

Lovers of slim writing instruments often find their choices limited in scope: capped stick pens sold in packs of 12 at the grocery store, the classic everyone-has-one-in-a-desk-drawer-somewhere Cross Classic Century, and then the options begin to taper off. Those who appreciate the classic slim designs from decades ago can spend a long time searching before finding something that strikes their fancy. That's why we're excited to be among the few in America to stock Otto Hutt's design01.

fountain pen:

design01 fountain pens measure just 10.1mm in diameter, and use standard cartridge converter ink fill system, so there are no proprietary ink cartridges or ink converters to complicate your enjoyment of these writing instruments. We have found all modern fountain pen inks such as 3 Oysters, Diamine, Kyoto TAG, as well as Otto Hutt's own inks work very well in these pens.

Nibs for the design01 are crafted in steel and are available in extra fine (EF), fine (F), medium (M), and broad (B) points. All are consistent with the standard western mindset of sizing. If you like needle-like extra fine points you'll stick to pens from Pilot or Sailor. Most users will find the fine (F) or medium (M) to be suitable for everyday use. The broad (B) is best for those with large handwriting or who will use it as a signature pen. The grip is not a shiny, slippery metal, so it is quite easy to hold without your fingers sliding down the surface while writing.


The rollerball model of design01 is a capped design like the fountain pen (thus also just 10.1mm in diameter), and uses the Pelikan-style rollerball refills. A blue ink, medium point refill comes loaded with each pen. Rollerballs are ideal (even for fountain pen lovers) as they produce a line on paper that's quite similar in appearance to that of the inky fountain pen, but is a pen that can be used by others who may not be familiar with using fountain pens. They're also the perfect pen to have on hand in emergencies when your fountain pen isn't nearby, or has run out of ink. These make wonderful signing pens, and are perfect as business gifts.


The twist ballpoint model is a mere 8.7mm in diameter; a perfect companion piece to most any journal, portfolio, purse, or briefcase with a pen slot! design01 uses any Parker style G2 refill. A blue ink medium point refill comes loaded in each pen. Refills in gel ink, easy-flow ink, Fisher pressurized ink, or traditional ballpoint inks in point sizes ranging from fine to extra broad can be loaded into design01.

mechanical pencil:

The design01 mechanical pencil is a twin to the ballpoint model. It uses 0.7mm leads, making it an ideal choice for everything from random drawings, to math, crosswords, and writing!


The style sense of design01 is typically German: discreet, timeless, and flawlessly executed using the finest materials.

You'll notice design01 doesn't go overboard with a myriad of finishes. Several layers of glossy black or blue lacquer varnish give the filigree writing instruments of design01 an unrivaled optical depth for a pure color experience. The body below is made of brass and each layer of varnish is meticulously polished after every additional layer. The caps are available in two styles – smooth or with a striped guilloché pattern. The solid cap of the silver version is made of sterling silver, the hardware components are refined with platinum. The black models are also available with high-quality rose gold coating of the caps and hardware components.

Each design01 writing instrument is unique, with a six-digit code engraved on the cap. All pens come with cleaning cloth, instructions, and certificate, packaged in one of Otto Hutt's elegant, innovative, environmentally-friendly gift boxes.

You can discover and order the design01 and other models from Otto Hutt HERE.

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