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10 Great Gifts Under $100 for Fountain Pen Lovers

Pen lovers can be difficult to buy for at times. Here are 10 items we've found are almost always appreciated:

You really cannot go wrong here: Available in bottles up to 80ml and with many colors in standard cartridges as well, Diamine's variety of inks is one of the world's most extensive - and Diamine's ink formulation works superbly in almost every pen.

Price: $8.00 - $22.00

The Kaweco Student is a full size fountain pen designed for frequent writers. The pen uses standard cartridge converter ink fill system and its steel nib is available in point sizes from extra fine through double broad. Matching rollerball and ballpoint versions are also available.

Price: $60.00 - $70.00

Traveller is sleek and slim, perfect for the writer on the go. The all-metal body is lacquer finished and is outfitted with a steel nib in either fine or medium point.

Price: $80.00 list. Our price: $68.00

HEXO gets its name from the hexagonal shape of its cap and barrel made of lightweight anodized aluminum. The ergonomically shaped grip zone is not only comfortable, but ideally suited for both right and left handed writers!

Price: $44.00

A best seller, these supple leather pen protectors come with a satin lining to protect the finish of fine ebonite, gold, and sterling silver pens as well! Available in 12 different colors to suit any pen, personality, occasion, attitude, or attire.

Price: $20.00

The Kaweco Cleansing Syringe is an extremely thoughtful stocking stuffer or bundled in a gift bag with one of the other 9 items here!

For a powerful cleansing of any fountain pen using the international standard cartridge converter fill system, this is the perfect tool! Simply fill with water, attach to the nib as you would an ink cartridge or ink converter, and flush the inky water through the feed and out the tip of the nib! Repeat as needed for a superior clean.

Price: $5.00

Safari is constructed in sturdy ABS plastic. Its ergonomic grip section trains the hand in how to hold a pen to keep the writer on point. The distinctive clip ensures a secure grip to any pocket. Safari uses Lamy ink cartridges or an optional ink converter for use with bottled inks and is outfitted with smooth polished steel nibs in extra fine through broad.

Price: $37.00 list. Our price: $31.45

Made from a single bar of aluminum, Divina weighs just 13 grams. A smooth writing steel Schmidt nib in medium point makes for a pleasant and reliable writing instrument. Uses standard cartridge converter ink fill system. Designed and manufactured in Italy.

Price: $75.00

Another great stocking stuffer!

Get every last drop of ink from any ink bottle with the Snorkel! The Snorkel fits to the end of most fountain pen converters for you to suck the ink up from the bottle when the ink level is too low for the pen to be able to reach. The Fountain Pens Snorkel is a must-have for all of those pretty, but not well thought out ink bottles out there today!

Price: $25.00

The wonderful experience of far more expensive piston-fill fountain pens, but at a fraction of the price! The Scrikss 419 is true value for the money. It uses traditional fountain pen ink, and is equipped with a smooth writing steel nib with a medium point. A transparent window allows you to visually gauge the ink level. The hardest decision when it comes to the Scrikss 419 is choosing from among the 14 colors available!

Price: $40.00

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