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Welcome ONLINE!

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Appointments is welcoming back to our product lineup an old friend: ONLINE. ONLINE is a German designer and manufacturer of fun, modern writing instruments since 1991. After several years without a US distributor they are back, and we are excited to again stock their stylish selection of quality ballpoints, rollerballs, and fountain pens.

Currently, we are stocking the VISION series in four versions: First is the VISION CLASSIC

The VISION CLASSIC is a standard size pen made of matte brushed aluminum. There's a wide choice of colors and nib sizes in EF, F, and M in fountain pen ($38). All VISION fountain pens use standard cartridge/converter fill system. Converters are sold separately. Matching twist ballpoints with a medium point black refill are also available ($32).

Next, the VISION MAGIC series adds a shimmering metallic finish in five colors and stylish black trim package to VISION. Even the steel nib of the fountain pen ($38) is in matching black.

Thirdly, the exquisite VISION NATURE series. This series features pen barrels finished in African Maroon wood, Cork, or Rosewood with contrasting caps and trim for a truly premium product. The sensation in the hand of these fountain pens ($50) and ballpoints ($44) is remarkable.

Last in the VISION series is the top of the line VISION CARBON - a high tech piece trimmed in all black.

VISION CARBON is the perfect pen for the professional. Sporty, yet business-like, refined without being ostentatious. VISION CARBON is available in fountain pen ($62), rollerball ($60), and ballpoint ($55).

The second series of ONLINE pens in stock now is the diminutive Bohemian Art

BOHEMIAN ART is a series of pens fans of Kaweco's Sport series will love! Available in 3 colors, BOHEMIAN ART's fountain pen ($45) is slightly larger than the Sport. It is made of a rich, semi translucent, turned acrylic resin, cap that screws on to post as well as close, is fitted with steel nib in EF, F, or M size, and uses standard cartridges or an optional push-pull converter for bottled ink use. The ballpoint ($38) features a twist cap and uses the D1 style refill. The fountain pen and ballpoint are also available packaged together as a set ($75)!

Lastly, an ingenious product from ONLINE is their Combi ink cartridge:

The Combi (combination) cartridge is 2 cartridges in 1! On one end indicated with an arrow is the standard cartridge style end to be used in all ONLINE fountain pens, as well as those from dozens of other manufacturers without their own proprietary ink cartridge/converter system. The other end of the Combi is to be used in Lamy fountain pens! Thus, an owner of both a Lamy Safari and an ONLINE VISION need only buy one style of cartridge! The ONLINE Combi cartridges are also longer than a standard cartridge, so there's a larger ink capacity!

From now until March 31st we will include a FREE 80ml bottle of Diamine ink (color chosen at random) with each order of an ONLINE fountain pen! So come explore and check out the offerings of ONLINE HERE!

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