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Uniquely Urban Writing Tools at Appointments!

Inspired by urban cities, the writing instruments from 22Studio are crafted in aluminum, concrete, and steel for a truly unique aesthetic and writing experience. The precision craftsmanship and attention to quality inherent in each piece make these much more than just a clever or innovative way of using materials. Fusing a modern architectural design sensibility with practical ergonomics, each of the three series of writing instruments 22Studio manufactures is created with the enjoyment of the user in mind.


Reminiscent of a modern office building, Seam is constructed in aluminum and steel. The body of both appears to be divided into three proportioned sections, which is an especially clever way to configure the cap for the fountain pen. The Seam Fountain Pen is quite compact when capped (Kaweco AL Sport lovers will appreciate this), lightweight, and is equipped with a push-pull ink converter for quick and easy filling. Standard cartridges can also be used. Nibs are steel Schmidt nibs in either fine or medium point.

The well balanced Seam Twist Ballpoint is outfitted with a ballpoint G2 style refill. Both variants are available in either aluminum or anodized grey finishes.


Contour is the design our customers seem to really love - especially the Contour Ballpoint! Rarely do we see such excitement over ballpoint pens, but we can certainly see why with this model. Contour is most unique - crafted in high density concrete and steel components for the clip, push button, and tip. A most-satisfying click mechanism reveals and retracts the G2 style ballpoint refill. Over time the concrete barrel of Contour will darken with use to create a unique patina.

The Contour Rollerball and Contour Fountain Pen look alike from outside, sharing the same high density concrete body, finely contoured lines, and steel cap which can be used as a stand to sit the pen on a desktop like a piece of statuary.

Hidden inside the rollerball is the easy to love Schmidt Waterman style rollerball refill used by so many of the world's pen manufacturers. The fountain pen includes a piston converter and fine or medium point Schmidt nib for smooth writing performance.

Mechanical and Sketch Pencils:

Contour's Mechanical Pencil uses 0.5mm lead - something fine line pencil lovers should be excited about! It features a bold, curved concrete design that is so easy to hold!

The even bolder Contour Sketch Pencil uses 5.5mm lead and lead sharpener located inside the push button release. It's the perfect instrument for sketch artists. Just imagine how the graphite will help to darken the barrel to develop that rich, worn look that appears only upon tools or instruments that are truly appreciated!

All pieces in the Contour line are available in two tones of grey.


The third series of writing instruments from 22Studio is Seven. Some manufacturers take the easy road and produce pens and pencils with 6 or 8 sides, but 22Studio recognizes that our lives are divided into 7. 7 days of the week to be precise. So why not create writing instruments with 7 sides?! It just so happens they're awfully comfortable to hold as well! Sounds like a win-win to us!

Like the Contour, our clients really love the Seven Ballpoint. While it might not be as aesthetically design-oriented as the Contour Ballpoint, Seven features the same steel clip and trim, but the thought behind the ergonomics, that simplicity of design, is what is truly outstanding.

This is pure, minimalist design at its best, and it is done with a wonderful urban sensibility. Sensible as well is the G2 style ballpoint refill inside. Hey, you could even swap it out for a Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill for the maximum in writing versatility!

The Seven Fountain Pen is a wonderful contrast in materials and shape.

The rounded steel cap and grip match beautifully with the seven-sided high density concrete barrel for a simple, modern, functional marriage of materials through design. Easy to hold, the buttery smooth writing of the Schmidt fine or medium point nib makes whatever it is you're writing a joy. A piston fill ink converter is included with each pen.

The Seven Rollerball is a twin to the fountain pen and is equipped with a Schmidt Waterman style rollerball refill.

Just imagine how beautiful these pens will look after some use and time has allowed the patina of wear to darken them up a bit, creating truly unique pieces for each person who uses them!

There are also pencils in the Seven line! The Seven Mechanical Pencil is another pencil to use the finer 0.5mm leads. The curved design makes for a extra comfortable hold.

The Seven Sketch Pencil, like the Contour Sketch Pencil, will be another pencil that after use will develop a patina rich with graphite, proudly proclaiming its role in the creation of the artist's vision. It also uses 5.5mm graphite leads. A lead sharpener is found inside the push button release.

All of the writing instruments in the Seven line are available in either a light or dark grey finish.

Finally, we're sure everyone who appreciates modern minimalist design will appreciate the thoughtful design work 22Studio has put into each and every aspect of these writing instruments: from the aesthetics to materials, to the precision design to the impeccable construction, even to the consideration of the packaging.

We hope you'll click the links within this article to see more of each piece in the 22Studio family or drop in the store sometime to experience this wonderful line of writing instruments in person. If you have any questions, please drop us a line, or for faster reply give us a call Monday - Saturday 11am - 4pm Eastern Time at (513) 421-7430.

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