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This Townsend is Tops!

The classic and iconic Townsend has been Cross' flagship pen for over two decades. It's been the pen for several United States presidents. Its 18 karat gold nib is legendary. The buttery smooth, wet writing nib, metal body, and the reassuringly secure snap cap closure and posting make this a pen all fountain pen connoisseurs consider for their collections.

Cross produced a special edition Townsend to celebrate the pen's 20th anniversary a few years back. Now that the pen's run is over for Cross, Appointments made a special purchase of the remaining inventory of these remarkable pens in what is perhaps the best value we have ever been able to secure for our clientele. When first available these pens sold for $575. Because of our special buy, we have a limited number of these pens available for just $249.95!

This special edition finish features a brushed platinum plated finish with diamond cut engraving pattern. The elegant finish keeps Townsend's distinctive body profile, signature double band on the cap, with its trademark clip and conical top. It is outfitted with the two tone rhodium plated solid 18 karat gold nib.

The Townsend Special Edition is delivered in special presentation packaging which includes push in style fountain pen ink converter and two black ink cartridges.

Right now while supplies last we are also including a randomly selected 80ml bottle of Diamine ink with each purchase of the 20th Anniversary Townsend!

Click HERE to order!

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