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The Luxurious World of El Casco

It is said the time when consumers buy quality items that last decades, if not a lifetime, has passed. At Appointments we don't think that's entirely true. Our customers, if they take care of them, can expect most of the fine writing instruments we sell to deliver a lifetime of joy; resulting in heirlooms to be passed from one generation to another.

We take that way of thinking into account when we choose to stock items other than fine pens as well.

El Casco is a prime example of this.

Using the finest materials available, El Casco manufactures distinguished desktop accessories plated in chrome or gold. Picture the perfect desk/work station: There's a tray of paper for writing letters, a tray of sticky notes, a pen rest, containers of paperclips, pencil cups and sharpener, an eyeglass cup, clock, stapler, tape dispenser, and even a bell to call for an assistant in an adjoining room (or maybe just let the kids know it's time to be quiet). If you're a cigar smoker, there's even an ashtray with cigar cutter beside it to indulge in after work is done. This is a desk outfitted for work and taking care of business. And it's all been exquisitely crafted from fine metals plated in chrome or gold in the Basque region of Spain by El Casco.

In a world where the home office has become more important than ever, it's no wonder so many people over the past 12 months have invested in El Casco products from us at Appointments. With the lines blurred between where home ends and work begins, it is more important than ever to enjoy working with tools of the highest design and quality. Life is not all work, yet work must have some life in it, sometimes one becomes the other, and through all this the work tools better hold up. (It sure helps when the office tools aren't ugly and being thrown away because they break all the time, too.)

Add quality and refinement to your home office or upgrade your study with fine El Casco products here at Appointments.

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