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Scrikss 419 Fountain Pen Review

The Scrikss 419 piston-fill fountain pen offers the wonderful experience of far more expensive piston-fill fountain pens, but at a fraction of the price! The Scrikss 419 is true value for the money. It is designed for use with conventional fountain pen ink, and comes with a smooth medium nib and a transparent window on the barrel so you can visually gauge the ink level. The 419 fountain pen is made of gloss lacquered acrylic resin. The nib and stainless steel appointments are plated in 23 karat gold. It is a compact pen, very nearly the size as well as aesthetics of a Pelikan 200 series.

To fill the Scrikss 419, simply unscrew the knob at the end of the barrel until it comes to a stop.

This action brings the piston down towards the nib. As you twist the knob you can see the piston on its way down through the fill window.

To fill the pen, dip the nib up to the grip section as you would any other fountain pen, and then twist the rear knob clockwise. This action draws the piston back, bringing the ink into the chamber. Simultaneously, it also will be screwing the cap back into place. When the cap has tightened against the end of the pen barrel your fill is complete.

The Scrikss 419's medium nib writes extremely smoothly and delivers a nice, wet write. For those who love to see the full effect of their inks, these are the pens for you!

We did this writing test on Rhodia notebook paper. Like most wet writing medium point nibs, users will likely only want to use one side of the paper for writing with the Scrikss 419. We would say the amount of ink the 419 puts down to be on par to what the Cross Townsend 18K gold nibs and Visconti Dreamtouch nibs, among others, put down. Users may have to wait a moment or two for the ink to dry, but the beautiful, rich, inky lines are definitely worth it.

The trim details on the 419 impress. Clips and bands on $40 pens rarely go beyond the purely functional. Scrikss has taken the time to go beyond that and sculpt something pleasantly adult and refined.

For fountain pen aficionados looking to add a nice writer to their "carry anywhere" class of pens, or for those desirous of an affordable or "entry-level" classic fountain pen experience in terms of both fill style as well as design style, the Scrikss 419 is definitely a must-try! Available in 12 colors, the hardest part will be deciding which (or how many) to buy!

Click HERE to explore all the color offerings in the Scrikss 419 series!

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