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New Kaweco Collections Announced!

Big news from Kaweco!

First: The Kaweco Iridescent Pearl – a fountain pen in an unimagined variety of colors: Depending on the viewer's angle of vision and the incident light, the writing instrument shines in an uniquely shimmering color scheme. Imitating the optical effect of a pearl, the translucent material of the fountain pen shines in colors ranging from green-blue to pink.

The packaging of the fountain pen is suitably designed with iridescent foil. Its optic mimics the streaks occurring through the pigments in the pen's plastic, contributing to the unique look. The pen has silver-colored elements like lettering, logo cap and nib, reflecting its cool look and feel. Both of Kaweco's silver clips will look amazing on this pen!

Don't miss out on this one!

Second: Kaweco has announced the first color Liliput available in the US: The Kaweco Collection Green Liliput!

In keeping with spring awakening and sprouting of nature, the Kaweco Liliput fountain pen presents itself in a rich light green color. The silk matt surface finish of the aluminum body creates a noble and velvety appearance that invites you to grab the pen and start writing.

Both of these beautiful pens are produced as a limited run. When they're gone, they're gone. Pre-order yours to be sure you get one. Just click on each image to be directed to the order site!

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