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FAQ: What is the best pen?

We are often asked this question. The truth is there is no one best pen model or manufacturer. If there was one best pen, that is the only pen we would stock! All the pen models and manufacturers we sell have all been scrutinized by us for quality of build and performance. Everyone has different needs both in terms of what fits and works well in their hand and what, where, and how the pen is to be used. Let's address some of that here:

Fountain pens: Fountain pens are often seen as the epitome of what a pen should be. The nib itself immediately garners the attention of others. There are hundreds of different ink colors available, enabling the user to make their writing stand apart from the world of ball pens. Using bottled inks in fountain pens is a truly green technology - nothing gets thrown away. Writing with a fountain pen causes the user to alter and  slow down a bit as they write, which helps to improve penmanship. Although fountain pens do require some care and cleaning the others do not, they are reliable writing instruments. If cared for, issues of leaking are largely a thing of the past.

Rollerball pens: Rollerball pens are an excellent substitute for fountain pens especially when the pen will be needed to write through multiple layer forms. The pressure required for such writing is not suitable for fountain pens. With a rollerball, the ink output mimics the appearance of fountain pen ink for dark, rich color.

Ballpoint pens: Do not pooh pooh the ballpoint! Ballpoint pens have earned a bad reputation due to the poor flow of ink in early pens as well as the fact that most associate the ballpoint with being disposable. Today's good quality ballpoint pens write very smoothly and dependably, and their styling is equal to that of the best fountain and rollerball pens.

Regardless of which type of pen you are considering, one aspect of what makes each pen right for you is how it fits in your hand. Everyone's hand is unique. People prefer pens of different weights, girths, and balance. The other factor is whether the pen is appropriate for the task and time. Is it the right tool for the job? Journaling or the signing of a multi-million dollar contract seems the perfect place for a luxurious fountain pen, while warehouse work would be more appropriate for a ruggedly constructed ballpoint.

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