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Diamine's "Red Range" 2021 Inkvent Calendar

Diamine's 2021 "Red Range" Inkvent Calendar is now available for pre-order!

Delivery is expected in mid/late September.

After the monumental success of their 2019 Inkvent "Blue Range" Calendar, Diamine is now offering a 2021 "Red Range" calendar. 25 all-new fountain pen inks in normal, sheening, and shimmering styles. What are those colors? Well, you'll have to open a door a day to reveal the ink vials to find out! Their names are all festive, but provide little in the way of clues as to their appearance with names such as Seize the Night, Garland, Peach Punch, Party Time, Night Shade, All the Best, Raspberry Rose, Festive Joy, Wonderland, Subzero, Pink Ice, Black Ivy, and Harmony. 24 inks colors will be included in small vials, with the final ink (the one you open on Christmas) in a 30ml bottle.

Click HERE to pre-order yours now!

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