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Bohemian Art Mini Marvel

Aficionados of mini fountain pens don't have too many options. The Kaweco Sport and Liliput are by far the dominant players in the field. But while there are enormous varieties of both in terms of color and materials, you still have the inherent sameness of both. The same advantages as well as disadvantages as each individual sees them.

We'd like to introduce you to a worthy companion to the small size fountain pen world: the Bohemian Art from German manufacturer ONLINE.

Bohemian Art series pens are crafted from rich, semi translucent acrylic resins and paired with chrome plated metal ends, clip, and grip section. Together this creates a pen that is slightly heavier than a Kaweco AL Sport. The screw type caps seal as well as post with the screw threads. Just one and a quarter turns is all it takes to remove or attach the cap, so there's no endless twisting involved. Also, the clip lines up with the nib properly each and every time the cap is posted!

All ONLINE fountain pens use standard style ink cartridges; and the Bohemian Art series also has a mini push/pull style ink converter available for use with bottled ink. The Bohemian Art has been designed just a bit longer in the barrel to accommodate a larger "mini" ink converter than the one used with the Kaweco Sport series. This converter holds approximately the same amount of ink as a standard ink cartridge - good news for those who need more capacity to their fills!

The grip section of the Bohemian Art fountain pen is slightly wider than that of a Kaweco Liliput, but slightly smaller than that of the Sport's. Smooth iridium point steel nibs of EF, F, or M are offered. Nibs are easily replaceable thanks to ONLINE's "Easy-Change-System".

Overall, the length of the Bohemian Art is quite similar to the Sport; only made a bit longer to accommodate the larger capacity ink converter.

So for those out there who are looking for another companion for their collection of compact fountain pens, we strongly recommend the smooth performance and luxurious looks of ONLINE's Bohemian Art series.

The Bohemian Art fountain pens are available in 3 colors:



and Red

Each comes beautifully presented in a stylish Art Deco gift box. Companion twist ballpoints are also available separately or as a ballpoint/fountain pen set.

We're pretty sure most will love these pens once they've tried them. Now through March 31st 2021 we'll even throw in a random 80ml bottle of Diamine ink FREE with the purchase of a Bohemian Art fountain pen!

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