Design06 convinces with the perfect organic form. Leading the way in its comfortable ergonomic feel. Proven quality and elegance. 


With the characteristic spring clip and the rounded contours and surfaces, which were milled with special diamond tools, the Design06 fountain pen nestles perfectly in the hand. The color-coated and multi-coated surface also provides overwhelming writing pleasure with a particularly pleasant feel.

Lovers of Otto Hutt writing instruments appreciate that each product is a unique piece, provided with a six-digit numerical code, which is engraved in the cap. 


A microfiber cleaning cloth, instruction manual and certificate are included.

Length 14cm, length open 12,2cm, diameter 14mm, weight ca. 44,9gr.

Fountain pen uses European standard cartridge/converter fill system.

Two tone steel nib in EF, F, M, and B sizes.


Available in red or black with platinum trim, and white or pink with rose gold trim.

Otto Hutt Design06 Fountain Pen

Nib Size

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