Van Gogh is a hymn to color, to that impressionist painting that has left a deep imprint in the culture of all of us. 

Visconti worked hard to find the right formulas and the right most representative images; those paintings, universally known, that could communicate the great art of the Flemish painter. 

Never before a pen was designed getting inspiration from a specific canvas, a very difficult work considering the diversity of the objects and techniques that were used. 

Therefore, these images have become the pens with a painstaking, a meticulous choice of the formulas of color, models and the chromatic yield. 


Nib: finely engraved MEDIUM steel nib 

Filling System: Converter 

Material: Natural vegetal Resin 

Locking system: Magnetic

Visconti VanGogh Room in Arles Fountain Pen - Pre-Owned