The Sailor 1911 Pen of the Year 2021 is a limited edition and produced for availability only in 2021. It is a sparkly cranberry color body and comes with rhodium trim, a bi-color nib, and a specially engraved center ring marked “2021.” Perfect as a keepsake and heirloom for years to come.


Some of the highlights of the Sailor 1911 Pen of the Year 2021 are:


·      Available in 1911 Standard and 1911 Large sizes in all seven standard nib sizes

·      Features a bi-color plated 14K or 21K Gold nib

·      Special engraved center ring marked “2021”

·      Available only through Authorized Sailor Pen North American Retailers

·      Not available in other countries, not even Japan

Sailor 1911L Pen of the Year 2021

$490.00 Regular Price
$416.50Sale Price