The Montegrappa Blazer is based on the Fortuna shape, but with its cap and body made, appropriately, of fire-burnished stainless steel with a vintage-looking brushed silver trim. The polished steel surface of the pen barrel and cap basks in bluish, iridescent shades, just as a heated metal would do. 

The rollerball pen uses Pelican-style rollerball refill cartridges. 

As a companion to the Mule, the Montegrappa Blazer will appeal to those who value authenticity, craft and a good, stiff drink. To assist in this pursuit, every Blazer pen will be delivered with a special Blazer tankard as a gift, as is traditionally used to prepare the drink and customized with the new logo. Celebrating even further the joys of the Blazer is Montegrappa's new, Italian spin on the classic, made with grappa, sugar, cinnamon and orange essential oils! 

Montegrappa Fortuna Blue Blazer Rollerball Pen

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