In stock and shipping February 8!


2021 Kaweco Collection Skyline Sport Light Lavendar fountain pen special edition!


Skyline Sport series feature details, such as the nib, hot foil stamping and logo cap are coloured in silver. This, combined with fresh, modern colours make the Skyline series contemporary and just an overall eyecatcher.

The fountain pen uses standard international cartridge fill system. There is also an optional push/pull mini converter available for bottled ink use. A steel nib is standard. You can choose between five nib sizes: EF - extra fine, for a very small and fine handwriting, F - fine, M - medium, B as a slightly wider nib and BB often for large, dramatic signatures. For beginners we recommend F or M.

Pen is packaged in custom light lavendar box and supplied with an ink cartridge. 


Kaweco Collection Skyline Sport Light Lavender Fountain Pen