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The Pen of the Year 2021 is inspired by medieval knights, their heroes, myths and legends. In those days, the strongest prevailed, therefore skillful sword fighting and the nature of his weapons played a central role in a knight’s life. Every one of the 125 rollerball pens in this limited Pen of the Year edition is truly unique.

Each piece is adorned with a red faceted garnet with sunray cut and the grip is wrapped in leather as seen in the second image.

To forge the knightly swords, medieval smiths used Dasmascus steel which was regarded as particularly hard while being flexible. Its extraordinary properties are achieved through repeated welding and folding of different types of steel which also produces the typical iridescent surface. This is replicated in the surface of each pen.

Graf von Faber-Castell 2021 Pen of the Year - Knights (rollerball)

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