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New Kaweco Toyama Teal & Bronze!

Pre-order now! Early March delivery!

You're not going to want to miss out on the new Kaweco Collection Skyline Sport Toyama Teal fountain pen special edition!

Depending on the way the light hits it, the pearly pigment of the Toyama Teal Sport sparkles more or less intensely. Kaweco has added this effect to the folding box as well. It is reminiscent of the shimmering waves of water off Toyama, Japan.

Secondly, we are happy that Kaweco has at long last released the Sport in bronze!

Next to Kaweco Steel and Kaweco Brass Sport these pens are the real heavyweights of the Sport series. Due to the wear resistance and the antibacterial effect of the red-brownish material, bronze is perfectly suitable for a writing instrument. The hairline-finish makes the surface silkmatte and creates a charismatic factory-look. After a while the high-quality bronze develops a natural patina and makes each and every pen unique.

The Kaweco Bronze Sport series is limited to a certain number of pieces and will not be produced again. So get these while you can.

We are taking pre-orders for both the Toyama Teal and the Bronze Sport series now. Delivery of these are expected to begin the first week of March.

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