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A Close Look at Castelli Notebooks

From Italy comes Castelli, one of our new favorite notebook manufacturers. Castelli produces high quality notebooks with eveb higher style. Basic black notebooks are fine and all, but many people find them rather boring. Solid colors are welcome, but what about print designs? No, we're not talking Pokemon or Disney characters, no inspirational sayings, no puppies and kittens - just great design. Castelli may be what the style and quality conscious consumers are looking for; and that's why it is one of our favorites.

Castelli covers are richly textured and artistically ornamented. The affordable ($22) 5" x 8" notebooks come plastic wrapped, and feature page edges that correspond to the cover design.

Even the colors of the ribbon markers are carefully chosen for each unique series in the Castelli line.

Luxury black end pages.


Ivory colored pages.

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To be redirected to see all Castelli products click HERE

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